And so the day begins…with a small head attack!

I have not been out of bed long, just to get a drink and some cereal for breakfast. I am now sat at the table with my head on my arm, following having one of my head attacks.
Just suddenly came out of the blue!
I hate this!!!
I hate not being in control of my body!
I’ve just been sick, nothing much to bring up. The bile has left my throat sore, I still feel sick.
My head is spasming and shaking side to side, my neck on left side is hurting as the muscle acts like a spring moving my head.
My head felt a bit heavy when I woke up, but I class that as usual now.
I feel ill, I just don’t ever feel right anymore.
The muscle in my left calf is spasming, and muscle in my buttock. I need to put muscle gel on, but am on my own. It will have to wait till I feel well enough to move again :(
Whatever my condition is seems to be a mixture, maybe a bit of alsorts – Dystonia, Neurological movement disorder, ???, who knows? I seem to be an oddity. All I know is I really don’t feel well, and my ability to function normally is diminishing day by day. Whether it is muscles in my body restricting movement, and giving immense pain. Or whether it is my head and neck, and the ever more frequent attacks I now have (some small, some large) it frightens me.
I am not scared to say I am frightened!
It is the not knowing what’s going to happen next, the not knowing when or where I may have the next attack or muscle spasms and pain.
I am scared and yes I am frightened, but most of all just at this very moment I feel really sick, with a great heaviness on the top left side of my head. My head is turning (more gently now) to the right. I feel very weak down my left side, and I’m just sat resting my head on my arm at the table.
Might be here only few minutes, or maybe all day. It all depends, until I feel well enough to move again :(

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  1. Hi Suzanne,
    I am seeing my Neurology Consultant this Thursday, and am seeing my GP Doctor on Friday morning. So I hope to have a few more answers by the end of this week, as my Consultant should have my blood test result back. I also hope to get some help with better pain management.
    Hope you are doing well hun, not caught up for a while :) x

  2. I understand exactly how you feel about the not knowing what is wrong with you part. I know I have dystonia but that is such a broad term for all these things that are happening to me. It has been 9 hours of shaking. I can’t even sleep because I am too twitchy and jumpy. I hope that we both get some help real soon because I too have become frightened. I have a clip here

  3. Hi Andrea, I’m sorry to hear you are having such a bad start to another day. I can’t believe the medical “professionals” are leaving you to carry on like this! Maybe you should push for another appointment with the neurologist? Take care and I hope you start to feel a little better X

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