Bad Start To The Day :(

Bad start to the day :( my face looks like this unhappy face….droopy!

I have just woke this morning to find I’ve had a seizure in night and the left-side of my face all dropped a bit :( Will be doing facial exercises today then!

I’m actually glad it has happened during the night though, because now my seizures make me paralysed for approx 3hrs. So at least I didn’t know it had happened until I woke up with a slightly melted face, and a slow and slurred voice :/

My left side is not working properly, with my leg dragging and very heavy.

On top of this I feel like s***, so I’m going back to bed. I hate this, I really, really, really, really hate this!!! :(

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  1. Hi my seizures are called non-epileptic seizures, so I am aware through most of them. I may not be able to talk or move, which is extremely scary and upsetting. My worst ones have lasted for 3hrs, some only a few minutes. The after effects can have differing times for my movements and speech to return to normal. Some or most now, look like I have had a stroke, due to the drooping of my face.
    So yours sound just as scary though, and they are all terrible to go through. I hope your having a good day, mine has got better than when I awoke! ;)

  2. wow! when I have a gran mal seizure, I’m only unconscious for about 30 minutes. I could not even begin to imagine paralysed for approx 3hrs. I hope you feel better soon :)

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