My Olympic Medal Winners!

You may have heard that the Summer Olympics began today, with the opening ceremony tonight.

I am not a massive fan of any sport, I don’t mind watching a bit of Rugby now and then with my fiancé. It is his favourite sport, and I am forced to watch all those men in tight shorts with lovely bulging thighs! Of course I hate it ;)

But to me, my “Olympic Medal Winners” the ones that deserve medals. They are all the everyday people who go around everyday fighting against the challenges they have on a daily basis.

*So all disabled people or people who have disorders or conditions, that stop or hinder their everyday lives.

*The partners, families and carers who look after them, with love and care without a thought. There are way too many to try to list them all, but we all know or know of, at least one person.

*All the organisations that help (not the ones that hinder!) people to carry on with a good quality of life.

*All the fantastic charities out there big and small that raise money and awareness, but get little recognition themselves for all the work they put into raising money for causes.

To me there are no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd places.

No bronze, silver then gold, I only award one category!

They all deserve the GOLD medal for what they all do, everyday.

I personally am very thankful for all the people and places, that have helped me so far to the point I am now.

To me they all deserve medals, for the olympic efforts they have put in.

Thank you :)

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