I have to say that I sometimes despair,

At the major lack of giving out care.

That reports are done wrong,

Or they are taking too long.

The doctors we trust with ours lives in their hands,

Don’t really accept their mistakes can be grand!

The mistakes that are made by our surgeries admin,

Having a massive impact on lives that we live in.

Not a thought of the person a condition effects,

If they do something wrong it’s not their life if wrecks.

The apologies, the sorry don’t mean much to me,

You’ve screwed up my life, I just want to flee.

I’ve had all I can take of filling reports,

Its making me hurt and I want to retort.

I get to feeling, bad thoughts in my head,

That I’d be better of, if I stayed in my bed.

I don’t have the energy left, or strength of mind,

I’ve kept going so long but the end now I find.

We all think that ill people are helped by our docs,

But I’m finding it’s not really true that’s a shock!

They say you have one thing then years later change diagnosis,

I don’t understand my condition, or how they can do this?

Left to find own explanations, through online text and books I’ve waded,

Length of time waiting for next appointment, beginning to make me feel degraded.

I’m just left here waiting, left out on the ledge,

I’m shuffling closer each day to the edge.

I need the help now not sixteen weeks down the line,

I need some help soon not in four months time.

You become just a number a name on the list,

No matter you ringing to ask and insist.

Please give me an appointment I want to feel better,

As I wait for the postman to deliver my letter…..

Dystonia And Functional Movement Disorder Sufferer

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  1. managed it thanks as saw the tweet link next to FAcebook. Dummy me! ;-)
    I forgot that before posting

  2. Is it OK to share publicly? I won;t put on Facebook unless you say yes!

    • Hi Shirley,
      Absolutely yes! The more people that read it, the more awareness is raised :)
      Unfortunately neither Dystonia or Functional Movement Disorder is widely known about, so to read it from the point of view of a person going through it I hope can help both to raise awareness and help people understand what we go through.
      So I would be very honoured if you retweet, reblog, or share on any site along with the link back. :D
      Thank you x

      • great I will do that then. Not sure what the link is for me to put it on Twitter.
        Hoping you stay as well as possible. I know people with ME ETC who are in the same position so this will resonate with them particularly .

      • Hi Shirley,
        If you click on the top name of the post, it will take you into the individual posting which has the share buttons at the bottom of the post. There are Twitter, Facebook, Email and others for you to click and share my posts on the Web :)
        One of my sisters also has ME so I know about the exhaustion that she goes through, and the pains she has too.
        No movement disorder is easy,and they have a lot of similar symptoms so I feel for all people with movement disabilities :(
        Thanks for your comments and thanks for sharing :)

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